Will anything stain your concrete?

Concrete Studio offers two sealing options: CS Protect and CS Swift.

Concrete Studio is proud to have developed CS Protect in-house. It is a truly matte concrete sealer that is an effective barrier to everything we have tested: think wine, beetroot, turmeric – even neat hydrochloric acid and permanent marker.

We believe the extremely high resistance to staining on our products is the best of any concrete sealer available.

CS Swift is a more traditional concrete sealer which allows concrete to breathe and is suitable indoors and outdoors. This sealer is not stain-proof, so if being used for a bench top or table you should expect your surface to patinate with age.

All items in our store are sealed with CS Protect as standard unless otherwise requested.

All outdoor items are sealed with CS Swift.

Can you make floating or wall hung bathroom sinks?

Yes we can, we have some options for wall hung and floating style bathroom basins. In the description in our store you’ll find info on whether the sink is suitable for mounting. If in doubt get in touch and we’d be happy to answer any questions.

Can you colour match or guarantee an exact shade?

We would love to say yes, but small hand mixed batches of concrete will vary slightly in shade from one to the next.

Concrete is cured by a chemical process and different factors can affect this like temperature and humidity. Each piece is unique with its own variations in tone, this is what gives concrete its warmth and beauty.

We cannot guarantee an exact shade or pattern and similar to wood this remains unknown until the piece is polished and sealed.