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The Small Print

We teach our mix and method to you and to you alone. To protect our intellectual property you will be asked to sign a basic non-disclosure agreement which confirms you will not teach or disclose our methods to anyone else, unless they work directly for you.

The Concrete Studio Mix and why it is great…

If you search the web you will see GFR concrete products from all over the world, all with their own characters and styles. Many of the more recent offerings focus on single bag mixes that have all the ingredients pre-mixed: sand, cement, plasticiser, acrylic admixtures, colour pigments and so on, the result is often a homogenous mix that ends up looking more like plastic or solid surface than raw concrete. Additionally most of these single bag styles are made overseas and shipped to Australia, so for the Australian fabricator the material purchase price is high and the embodied energy of even the raw material is far from ideal.

The Concrete Studio Mix is made with all Australian ingredients, and while some of the additives are only available from us, the heavy goods (sand and cement) can be bought from anywhere close to you. This reduces costs for you and your customer and is much better for Mother Earth.

CS Protect™

We are proud to have developed a truly unique product with CS Protect™ – the only sealer we know of that is invisible on the surface, truly matte and truly resistant to everything we’ve thrown at it (think neat hydrochloric acid, turmeric, beetroot or permanent marker). Applying this sealer is now covered in this course.